The ULTIMATE S’MORES Cookie Style!

Serving size: 20 Cookies
Preheat oven: 350F

I like to start by having the butter nice and soft.

Step 1: Put 4 graham crackers in a Ziploc baggie and crush them up. I choose to use a rolling pin.

Step 2: Combine all your dry ingredients: Flour (1.5 C), salt (1/4 tsp), baking powder (1/2 tsp), baking soda (1/2 tsp), and cornstarch (1 tsp). You can add the graham cracker crumbles here or add them as you mix in the flour later on.

Step 3: Using a mixer, start by beating the butter (10 Tbsp) and both brown sugar (1/2 C) and granulated sugar (1/4 C) until the mixture is creamy. This should take a couple minutes. Next I add in 1 egg and vanilla extract (1 tsp). Mix until all is combined.

*Don’t forget to scrape the side of the bowl*

Step 4: Slowly add the dry ingredients into the mixer. Remember, just a little at a time. If you waited to put in the graham cracker crumbs, I add mine in once the dry ingredients are all mixed together.

Step 5: Make sure everything is mixed together and add in 3/4 C of chocolate chips. I eyeball it to make sure the mixture does not have an overwhelming amount of chocolate chips because don’t forget, you will add some Hershey bar to each cookie!

Refrigerate the dough for at least 30 minutes.

Step 6: Roll your cookies into a ball and cook them for about 8 minutes. Then, pull them out & put two marshmallows or so in the middle of the half baked cookies. Move the oven rack up one slot from middle of oven. (Video for reference)

Then, put the cookies back in the oven. I watch them closely during this period, but it usually takes between 3-6 minutes. Make sure the marshmallows are perfectly melted and a little bit toasted.

Lastly, pull the cookies out of the oven and stick half a piece of one slice of a Hershey’s bar in each cookie. You want to do this immediately so the heat from the cookies perfectly melts the chocolate. Remove cookies from the tray one minute later and set on a plate or counter top so they don’t harden or overcook on the tray.


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