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Keep reading for some of our most-asked questions about The Perennial Style


Where Are You From?

We grew up in Dothan, Alabama then went to boarding school at Virginia Episcopal School in Lynchburg, Virginia (we loved it!). We all went to SMU (and pledged Pi Beta Phi), and we’ve been in Dallas ever since. We love Texas!

Blair’s husband Peter is from Winston-Salem, North Carolina and Janie’s husband is from Los Gatos, California. Ellen’s husband was born and raised in Dallas. We travel a lot to visit friends and family all over, but we don’t see ourselves moving from Texas any time soon!

How Old Are You?

We are in our late 20s and early 30s. We were born within 3.5 years, so we have always done everything together!

Are You Married?

Yes, we are all married!

Blair got married in Seaside, Florida in 2014 – view the post

Janie got married in Rosemary Beach, Florida in 2019 – view the post

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What Did You Study In College?

Blair majored in Accounting and works for a commercial real estate investment firm

Ellen majored in Philosophy and minored in Business and blogs full-time for

Janie majored in Engineering and is now works in infrastructure for a global banking company

What's Your Favorite Thing About Dallas?

Dallas is such an amazing city, and we love living here! What makes Dallas so unique is that it has something for everyone. Whether you’re passionate about fashion, food, music, volunteering, or the arts, you can find it in Dallas. Dallas is continuously growing, so there’s always a new restaurant to try or a new neighborhood to explore. It’s impossible to get bored in Dallas – and as three sisters who never stop, the pace of Dallas is just right.

Planning a trip? Check out our Dallas City Guide for our favorite spots!

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Do You Wear Hair Extensions?

Yes, Ellen loves her hair extensions! Read all about her tape-in extensions here.

Where Are Your Favorite Places To Shop?

We love discovering new retailers, but our go-to favorites for online shopping are:







William Sonoma

Lilly Pulitzer


What Is Your Favorite Resort For Family Trips?

We absolutely love Club Med! We grew up traveling to Club Med resorts every year since we were little, and they are still our favorite resort for family trips. Since they are all-inclusive and offer so many activities, there’s something for everyone. Click to read our posts on Martinique, Turks and Caicos, and Sandpiper.

Is It Safe To Travel Solo As A Female?

I started traveling solo in my 20s, and I think everyone should travel solo at least once. Even though it was a little weird at first, I later discovered it was one of the best experiences! I still keep in touch with so many travelers I met on those trips, and I highly recommend it if you are wanting to plan a getaway! If I’m traveling solo or with friends, safety is always my priority. Click here to read my safety tips for traveling solo.

Do You Have Tips On Finding Affordable Flights?

Staying flexible on your travel dates is always the best way to find affordable flights, but I’ve found the best rates from Google Flights! Click here to read my post on how to book affordable flights.


Have You Shared Your IVF Experience?

Yes! Read about Blair’s IVF journey from 2016-2019 here

Do You Have Any Tips For Preeclampsia and Bed Rest?

Preeclampsia was a scary chapter of Blair’s pregnancy and spending the last two weeks in the hospital on bed rest was tough, but we are so grateful for her amazing doctor! Click here for Blair’s preeclampsia experience and tips for bed rest.

How Old Are Your Children?

Blair’s baby, Frances, was born in November 2019 and Janie’s baby, Caroline, was born in June 2020!

View our Motherhood & Pregnancy section to learn more.


When And How Did You Start The Perennial Style?

We started the blog in 2012!

After graduating from college, we wanted a creative outlet as a hobby to enjoy outside of the office. Blogging was still pretty new at the time, but Blair had the idea to start a sister blog for something fun we could do together.

We had no clue it would grow to where it is today and it has evolved so much over the years, but it has been the best experience and we are so grateful for our readers!

Why Did You Name The Blog "The Perennial Style"

Blair actually came up with the name! Since our last name is Flowers and a Perennial is a flower that comes back every season, it was a play on our last name.

I Want To Start A Blog. Do You Have Any Advice?

This is one of our most-asked questions! Starting a blog was one of the best decisions we have ever made, and it has given us the opportunity to meet so many amazing people.

My number one piece of advice is to make sure you are passionate about what you are blogging about. I’ve heard so many people say they want to start a blog to quit their job or get free stuff. If this is your motivation, you will probably lose interest quickly. Growing an engaged following takes a LOT of time, and you have to be authentic and truly passionate about what you are writing about. Figure out what inspires you and what excites you, and start writing.

Everyone has a unique story, so don’t be afraid to share yours!

Who Takes Your Photos?

We have always taken and edited our own photos. We prefer to do it all ourselves, instead of hiring a photographer – for us, it just feels more natural this way. Ellen loves photography, so it is her favorite part of blogging! We trade off behind the camera, have our mom help when she’s around, shoot around Dallas with our photography assistant Lisa, or use self-timer when traveling!

We edit our photos in Adobe Lightroom and VSCO.

Who Created Your Website?

Ellen designed and created it. If you’re interested in a custom website design, email us for rates and packages.

How Do You Make Money Blogging?

We make money from the blog by collaborations and campaigns, sponsored posts, and affiliate programs.

Sponsored posts are blog posts and social media posts that include “sponsored” or “ad”. While these are paid posts, we selectively choose which brands are authentic to our lifestyle and readers to create content to share our experience with that product.

Affiliate networks such as and rewardStyle provide commision if someone purchases a product from one of the links on our blog or social media accounts.

Are You Hiring An Assistant Or Intern?

At this time, we are not hiring. If you would like to submit your resume for future opportunities, please send your resume to with the subject line “RESUME”