The Perennial Style Sister Blog

per•en•ni•al [ pə rénnee əl ] – a flower that is present during every season of the year

The Perennial Style is a fashion, travel, beauty, and lifestyle blog written by three Southern sisters living in Dallas, TX. Combining their Alabama roots with their glamorous Texas lifestyle, The Perennial Style inspires women to look and feel their best, embark on exciting adventures, and find ways to celebrate everyday life.


Blair Butler



New mom to beautiful baby Frances. Spends her days working in commercial real estate. Believes in investing in a few special pieces that will last a lifetime. Loves reading Elle Decor and Southern Living. Would be a vegetarian if her husband didn’t “request” meat with every meal. Trusts her hairstylist with her life. Still enjoys having her mom help her shop. Loves monograms and a beautiful table setting. Is extremely indecisive and does way too much research before purchasing anything. Is a true Southerner and hates cold weather.

Ellen Dickenson



The middle sister of the three. Has been blogging full-time for 10+ years now. Serious shoe addict. Loves Louboutins, the higher the better. Believes there are no boundaries in fashion. Cat mom to two kitties named Ralph & Roxy. Always over-accessorizes. Addicted to smoky black eyeliner. Pizza is life. Constantly dreams of her next vacation. Club Med is her happy place. Is happiest when curing her case of wanderlust. Believes a bottle of perfume marks a period of time. Will never be caught without her camera. Currently trying to break her diet coke addiction. Would rather be overdressed than underdressed.

Janie Lazares



New mom to a precious baby Caroline. Loves to be comfortable. Prefers Fall to any other season. White skinny jeans are her everyday staple. Is the animal lover of the family. BFFs for life would be her sisters. Loves road trips and thinks traveling makes the best memories. Southern casseroles are her favorite dish. Lives in her Barbour coat when the weather permits. Is very competitive when tennis is involved – especially against Blair. Surprises most people when they learn she’s an engineer. Believes blondes have more fun.