How To Buy Christian Louboutin Heels

What To Know Before Buying Your First Pair Of Christian Louboutin Heels

What To Know About CHristian Louboutin Heels

Let’s talk shoes! As a girl who has always had a weakness for a fabulous pair of designer heels, today I wanted to share some tips on purchasing your first pair of the most-coveted designer heels: Christian Louboutin. The first question you may have is, are they worth it? The short answer: yes. 

I got my first pair of Christian Louboutin heels as a sorority rush surprise from my mom over 10 years ago, and I still wear them to this day! While the red sole makes the statement, the real value of investing in designer heels is they last forever. Sure, you could easily snag a black pump for less than $100, but you may find yourself replacing these every year as wear and tear sets in. Keep reading for 10 tips on purchasing designer heels and what to consider before making the splurge! 

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Tips For Buying Christian Louboutin Heels

1 – They Stretch Out A LOT

I have numerous pairs of pumps that I can no longer wear because they’ve stretched out. Now I’m not saying this is overnight – I mean years. Because of this, I like to buy heels with straps or a fun platform style pump. It’s better to buy a pair that’s slightly snug if you’re torn between sizes.

2 – Go Up a Half Size In Boots

I’m a size 37.5 (regularly a 7.5) and a 38 in boots. I always go up a half size in all boots, and I did the same with my Christian Louboutin booties. Since they fit snug around your foot, the extra room is a much more comfortable fit!

3 – When In Doubt, Go Classic

I have so many fun styles of Louboutins, but since this is an investment shoe that you can wear for years and hold up, it’s best to start with classics and then add in the fun pairs! I still wear my first pair of black pumps I got for sorority rush, and I love them! 

Christian Louboutin Shopping Tips

4 – Black Is Easier To Maintain Than Nude Or Other Colors

Every so often, I take my heels to Denos (the best local shoe repair store) to have them cleaned up. I love how I can fix virtually any pair of my black leather Louboutin heels to look brand new! They’ve even completely re-leathered the heel on these because I wear them alllll the time! My nude heels can get a little TLC, but they definitely show more wear and tear than the black and can’t be fully rejuvenated at the shoe shop 

5 – Choose Leather Over Suede

Similar to color, leather is easier to maintain than suede. There’s nothing worse than a rain storm when you’re wearing a pair of designer suede heels! Knowing my leather and patent heels can be buffed at the cobbler makes me feel so at ease.

Nude Christian Louboutin Heels

6 – You Can Have The Red Resoled At A Shoe Repair Location

I never worry about the red rubbing off, because a shoe repair can either replace it OR add a grippy red pad which I love because it adds more grip to the heels (a new pair can be slippery!). After all, the point of the heels is to WEAR them, so don’t fret about the red rubbing off. Be sure to do some research before to make sure the repair store has had experience with Christian Louboutin heels.

7 – The So Kate Heels are BEAUTIFUL, But Uncomfortable

I’ve debated buying the So Kate pumps for years, but ever since Janie got them and said they are uncomfortable, I’ve held off. Granted she still wears them all the time, but she wouldn’t recommend them if you’re planning to be on your feet all day or at a work event! While I can withstand some pain with heels, I just love how comfortable the platform heels feel. If you like the look of the So Kate pumps, but want a more comfortable heel – try these

Nude Christian Louboutin Heels

8 – The Quality Is Worth It

You may wonder, are they really worth it just for the red sole? The only thing I learned selling designer heels in college (first job, woohoo!) is that quality really makes all the difference. A cute pair of Steve Madden heels is always fun, but after a certain amount of wears they hit their limit. The good part about investing in designer heels is the quality will hold up for years and years.

9 – The Nude Heels Are The Most Flattering

While black may be easier to maintime, the nude heels are by far the most flattering heels you can own! They will make your legs look amazing, plus they are so versatile and sophisticated! If you aren’t hard on your shoes (like me!), these are the best.

Nude Louboutin Heels

10 – They Break-In

Since Christian Louboutin heels are high quality, they will take a few wears to break in. But once they do, you’ll never want to wear another heel! Don’t let the first wear worry you – trust me, they will fit like a cloud with a little time.

The Pairs You Need:

I always think it’s best to start with the basics that you can wear for years to come, then mix in fun pairs when you have a couple pairs of timeless heels! My next pair will be an elegant pair of strappy sandals for weddings and formal events! I have my eye on these and these!

First: Classic Pumps

Second: Timeless Black Booties 

Third: A Fun Pair