Dubai Affordable Travel

Affordable Dubai: Exploring Budget-Friendly Options For Tourists

Dubai Affordable Travel

Dubai is probably the most expensive and least backpacker-friendly place to explore. Accommodation, food, drinks, and any kind of activity are usually too pricey there. Furthermore, public transit is restricted, so you may sometimes have no choice and will have to use a cab. A good option to go for is to address long term car hire Dubai; with a rented car, you will add a bit of flexibility to your trip and will save money on your travel in the long run. We have some other good news for you — in this post, we have made a selection of some cool tips that will save you money as you travel to Dubai. So keep reading and travel wisely.

1. Enjoy Views From the Clouds

No vacation to Dubai is complete without climbing the world’s highest building, the 828m-tall Burj Khalifa. Tickets to “The Top,” the building’s observation deck, cost at less than AED150 per person if purchased in advance. It is one of the city’s most popular attractions and comes with some seasonal offers and promotional discounts available throughout the year. Alternatively, you may also appreciate the tower’s power by standing at the base and attempting to capture it all in a single
photograph. Make sure to add it to your agenda when planning your romantic trip around Dubai.
● Cost: Starting at AED150

2. Travel Through History

Al Shindagha Museum, located on the gorgeous banks of Dubai Creek, provides intriguing insights into the country’s history. Inside, you’ll find “Dubai Creek: Birth of a City,” a multimedia-led tour that traces the area’s evolution throughout time via interactive exhibits, vintage images, and precious antiques. Visit the excellent Perfume House next door, which focuses on Arabian smells and the role perfumery plays in Emirati life. It is way easier to get to the place by using a car for rent. Thus, you will get plenty of time to explore all the interesting sites.
● Cost: AED50 for adults and AED20 for children.

3. Try Local Cuisine

If you’re hungry, follow the crowds to the 2nd of December Street for some authentic and cheap local food. This bustling street, formerly known as Al Dhiyafa Street, is the spot to fill your plate with foods from India, Lebanon, Iran, and more. Al Mallah serves some of the greatest chicken shawarmas in Dubai, wrapped in a bread pocket with salty pickles and garlic. Alternatively, go to Al Satwa Street and discover Ravi Restaurant for some fresh and tasty Pakistani cuisine for around AED30. Try the famed biryanis but bring cash since most “pubs and cafes” don’t accept credit cards. You may even go there by a rental car; thus, you will save some time and will explore the max of special dining options.
● Cost: Starting at AED30

woman cooking street foods

4. Discover Art Treasures

Among Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood’s historic wind towers and protected buildings are art galleries and courtyard cafés that seem a world apart from the ultra-modern metropolis. Wander through the alleyways to the tranquil XVA café for a leisurely lunch surrounded by paintings by local modern artists. Choose from more than 100 teas in the Arabian Tea House, or marvel at the sculptures and art in the Majlis Gallery. The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding and the Coffee Museum are both located in Al Fahidi, and you will hardly have any issues with getting there if you rent Jaguar F-Pace in Dubai. What’s more, you will have a lot of space in your vehicle for your art purchases and investments.
● Cost: Entry is free of charge.

5. Take a Swim in the Gulf of Mexico

Dubai is the ideal place for beach vacations, with year-round sunlight, kilometers of golden beaches, and a position cradled by the Arabian Gulf. There are several public beaches that are open to tourists and locals alike, such as Kite Beach, which is lined with chic cafés and food trucks. It is also an ideal beach for kitesurfing and other watersports, with equipment and sun loungers readily available for hire. So if this is something that you are hunting for, there are plenty of spots to choose from.
● Cost: Entry is free of charge.

Make the Max out of Your Time in Dubai

Although Dubai is considered to be one of the most expensive travel destinations, there are still some tips and tricks to save your precious bucks on your holiday in the UAE. Do not waste all your money, travel wisely, and explore all the attractions in the UAE that deserve your attention and time.

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