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Capri, Italy: The Quintessential Mediterranean Experience

what to wear in capri italy

Capri, Italy, known for its rugged landscape, mega yachts, and limoncello allows for a perfect vacation for all types of travelers.

When visiting Capri, you’ll realize there are three separate towns on the island and they are located at the bottom of the island, at the islands midpoint, and at the top.  Marina Grande, is bustling with activity due to the main port.  There are great restaurants and ice cream shops at the port, as well as boat rentals to enjoy the island by water. 

Next up the hill is Capri town. This is the main hub exuding sophistication with designer boutiques, upscale restaurants, and the famous Piazzetta. We especially loved coming into the town during the evening hours for dinner when it was a bit quieter as ferry runs stop around 8pm leaving only those staying on the island to enjoy it’s offerings.

The final town, Anacapri, is at the top of the island. Anacapri has a quieter atmosphere with local shops and dining options as well as a chairlift that will take you to the breathtaking views of Mount Solaro. Capri is fairly small, so it’s only about 10 minutes from the port to Anacapri and best of all, the taxi’s are open-air.

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Getting There:

Getting to Capri is not the easiest, but we shortened the travel day by extending our trip on the front-end visiting Lake Como before heading to the beautiful island of Capri.  You will fly into Naples and take a taxi to the port where you will ferry for ~1 hour to Capri.  It’s a beautiful ride, so this portion of your travel day feels like your vacation has begun.  

The ferry will drop you at the port in Marina Grande where you will take a taxi to your hotel. When you’re tired from a travel day, this can seem daunting, but it’s worth it once you get settled.

We booked our transfers through the hotel, which I HIGHLY recommend. Travel days can be stressful as-is, so having a local assist with coordinating taxis, purchasing ferry tickets, helping with bags and speaking the local language was a huge weight off our shoulders.  

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what to wear in capri italy

Where to stay:

We stayed in Anacapri at the Capri Palace, which was a beautiful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of Capri during the day. The Capri Palace was right off the center square, which made it convenient for shopping, dining and taxis. We came to Capri for a wedding, so we didn’t do much of our own research on hotels, but the bride and groom did that legwork for us and I can see why they chose this hotel for their guests.

Our room had beautiful views of the sea and we were located a few floors above the Michelin Star restaurant, L’Olivo, so we got serenaded by beautiful piano music every morning. Another delight was that our room was huge, had great storage, and we had water views from the shower.  This is not always the case for European hotels, but we felt like we had an apartment within a luxury hotel.  Swoon! 

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What to do:

Rent a private boat and explore the island – with the influx of day trippers, the island can get very crowded. Therefore, if you’re staying on the island, spend your days enjoying its natural beauty from the waters. I loved learning about the island’s history from the knowledgeable boat captains and jumping into the sea. Swimming to private grottos and not seeing another person around was an amazing and unforgettable experience.

See the Blue Grotto – If you rent a boat, you will likely do this on the same day although there are ways to reach it by land.  I did not realize that to get into the grotto you had to move into a little paddle boat and literally lay down as you enter.  You may get wet so plan accordingly!   There is a fee to enter, so make sure to bring some cash to pay the paddle boat drivers.  

Go to a beach club – Capri has many amazing beach clubs and we had the best time soaking up the sun at La Fontelina.  The beaches in Capri are rocky cliff sides, so don’t expect to play in the sand, but there are ladders to climb in and out of the water if you want to take a swim. Il Riccio is also a spot that cannot be missed.  We were there in the evening for the wedding reception and the views were spectacular. During the day, this is a restaurant and beach club.  Bonus points, it’s above the Blue Grotto, so you can access the grotto by land if you choose, however, the line appeared quite long. 

Shop – Capri’s vibrant shopping scene caters to diverse tastes, with designer boutiques dotting Capri town and charming local stores lining Marina Grande and Anacapri. 

Chairlift to Mount Solaro – Embark on a scenic journey to new heights by taking the chairlift to Mount Solaro in Capri, Italy, where breathtaking views await to mesmerize and captivate your senses.

 Dining – For an elevated dining experience, savor the flavors of the Mediterranean under a canopy of lemon groves at Da Paolino or rub shoulders with celebrities at the renowned Aurora restaurant, adding a touch of glamour to your culinary escapades on the island.

In essence, a sojourn in Capri transcends the ordinary, weaving together luxurious indulgences, natural splendor, and cultural richness to curate a memorable Mediterranean retreat that lingers in the heart long after the journey concludes.

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